AQShga magistraturaga qabul qilingan talabaning motivatsiya inshosi (motivation letter)



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Ushbu insho muallifi AQShda joylashgan University of Missouri oloygohiga kontrakt asosida o’qishga qabul qilingan. Inshodan o’rganish maqsadida foydalaning. Insho matnini ko’chirib, o’ziniki sifatida topshirish plagiarizm hisoblanadi va arizaning chetlatilishiga olib keladi.

Insho matni:

«My career decision has been inspired by one of my favourite books titled the Kite Runner, in which one of the characters impresses others by his ability to track a falling kite and know its landing point. His wisdom lies in chasing the wind to predict where the kite lands, and not the kite itself. This tells me a huge message about the power of the background situation to influence results. Computer science driving the world resembles the wind directing the kite in many ways.

I came to realize the importance of computer science when I got into a job, where I struggled with, needed and used programming skills: I started working for a logistics company in my junior year at university. This is how it all began: the company relied on Amazon as one of its largest customers, and as dispatch agents, we booked large amounts of load from their online board (relay.amazon.com). Their management was flawed in a way since they didn’t use to monitor and analyze the booked loads, which resulted in loss of precious data that could be utilized for improvement and security.

I think my analytical mind helped me to really notice a pattern in the time and location of posted loads. The top management believed the timing was random, which it was not, and I decided to see what I could do with it: I created an app that utilized the Amazon API to obtain information about posted loads and stored it in a relational database. I followed up creating a website to translate that information in a human-readable format, projecting the data into a map using geopanda and tables.

Mapping the stamped loads allowed us to visualize the market more accurately, simplifying identifying hot zones where trucks could be sent, so we could predict the exact time and rate Amazon would post loads. This simple tool, which didn’t really require much coding skills on my end, made it much easier to pre plan trips for drivers, and resulted in doubling the size of the fleet and quadrupling the revenue. I’m still amazed at how modest programming skills made a huge difference in business. That was actually when I realized how wise use of coding skills could ensure efficiency in many fields of human life. I so decided to further my academic career in Computer Science.

I see undergraduate degrees to be the foundation and  preparation for the master’s degree. Now that the Italian Engineering school where I did my bachelor’s gave me a strong foundation in Computer Science, I would like to transition to the graduate school in the US. I’ve tasted the US education system before: I had an unparalleled experience spending a semester at the University of Missouri, Columbia in 2019 as a Global Undergraduate Exchange Program scholar. During my studies at Mizzou I had a chance to visit ViGIR lab, talking to prof. DeSouza sparkled my interest in AI in Vision applications. The academics and culture at University of Missouri attracts me deeply, so I was excited to find out that Mizzou offers MS in Computer Science.  I’m impressed with the opportunity to experience education at Mizzou. 

I plan to combine a PhD and practice in various industries for 5-8 years following graduation. With the profound theoretical knowledge backed up with solid experience I would like to create the largest IT hub in Central Asia. I see myself in my forties as a university professor. I could thus confidently say that MS in Computer Science would be one of the principal foundations in the adventurous academic career and personal life I’m to lead.»

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