Dunyo universitetlari reytingida 238-o’rinda turgan AQSh universitetiga to’liq grant yutgan talabaning inshosi



Hujjat namunalari


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Quyidagi insho AQShda joylashgan University of Notre Dame universiteti Keoug School of Global Affairs fakulteti magistratura kursiga to’liq grant asosida o’qishga kirgan o’zbek talaba tomonidan yozilgan. University of Notre Dame dunyodagi eng nufuzli oliy ta’lim muassasalaridan hisoblanadi va dunyo universitetlari reytingida 238-o’rinda turadi.

Eslatma: inshodan faqat o’rganish maqsadida foydalaning. Boshqa talabalar topshirgan insholarni butunlay yoki qisman ko’chirsangiz, bu maxsus dasturlar orqali osonlik bilan aniqlanib, arizangiz rad etilishiga olib keladi. Har bir nomzodning inshosi original chiqishi kerakligini yodda tuting va boshqalarning insholari matnidan ko’chirmang.

Statement of purpose

Nearly a quarter of a century has passed since Uzbekistan, my country, became independent. Ever since the collapse of the Soviet Union, Uzbekistan has been struggling with reforms promising to allow the country to free itself from the unyielding shackles of the socialistic mindset and move forward on the path of social and economic development. My five-year-long studies of international relations at the __________ [universitet nomi] and internships at many such key government structures as __________, __________ [hukumat tashkilotlari] and in the private sector as GM Uzbekistan have brought me to understanding that the reforms, both domestic and foreign in character, are urgently needed. The fundamental hindrance on the way is the lack of qualified specialists with well-rounded contemplation and international experience. I believe that furthering my studies at the University of Notre Dame will equip me with broader comprehension of issues at hand and also their effective solutions, and eventually help me get to the position where I can make a difference.

I am going to focus on the economic aspect of international affairs at this school in order to acquire knowledge and expertise to adopt a holistic approach in dissecting global affairs. All through my study of international relations, I have struggled over conducting research without well-grounded quantitative analysis as it would be limited to examine only a political or social aspect of the issue. Although I attempted to work through this problem by interning at the financial department of GM Uzbekistan and Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Uzbekistan as well as taking World Economy and International Economic Relations classes at university, I came across with methodological shortcomings in addressing economic and financial factors of issues in my analysis. I am sure this program will definitely fill up the space and lead me to discover new ways to look at the issues and come up with effectively creative solutions.

The opportunity for an internship makes this program most appealing to me personally. I consider internship as a core element in parallel with the academic curriculum since I have benefited significantly from working for government agencies and corporations during summer and within the academic year. Recently, I have held an internship at the __________ [ tashkilot nomi] I obtained great experience and self-satisfaction since I was involved in organizing high level meetings. I was also a part of the team that was responsible for holding the Tashkent Summit of Organization of Islamic Cooperation, which welcomed the representatives from around 80 countries. These practical settings allowed me to apply my theoretical knowledge to solve certain issues and acquire skills indispensable for a future diplomat and/or government official. My current experience, ability to work in the team will make it easier and less challenging to comply with the decorum of the working environment and to deal with vast workload I am going to face within the summer internships at both research institutes and international organizations.

This experience from my internship at __________ of Uzbekistan [tashkilot nomi] and from successfully organizing Model United Nations (MUN) conference numerous times at my current university will also come in handy once I get accepted to this program. I am going to hold the Model United Nations Conference at this school, inviting students from all over the world. It will benefit the school as well as the students’ community as it creates a platform to exchange views and share differences, to more understand each other.

Strong faith, tolerance and reverence for others have been the values that drive me forward, determining the way of my life. Although I had to limit myself to our country in terms of travelling, I used every possible opportunity to be present in an international environment and advance my skills of Arabic, Russian and English languages. I often visit Tashkent International School events, whether it is UN day or Thanksgiving, or Asian New Year, where I enjoy so much diversity. I have also participated as a volunteer and/or interpreter in various international events in our country like International Investment Forum, Tashkent International Boxing Tournament, World Fencing Championship and many others. Furthermore, I have been interpreting at diplomatic and social events organized by the Department of __________ [tashkilot nomi] of Uzbekistan. These multicultural occasions molded in me global mindset, veneration for other nationalities and religions, and skills to communicate with the representatives of other cultures with ease, propriety and comfort. I am sure it will let me positively contribute to the diversity at the University of Notre Dame.

Last but not least, I don’t aim to become a minister, senator or president just to be one. I only strive to be in position where with my knowledge, expertise and values I share, I can make a difference, bring a positive change to people’s lives and contribute to making tomorrow better than today. To realize this purpose, I may work as a policy analyst at non-governmental entities, international organizations, government agencies or private sector. Transferable skills I have gained so far through my studies and internship, volunteering and extracurricular activities are the base on which I can build my further study of International Affairs with economics concentration, and the summer internships will help me become a personality capable of reaching the purpose I persevere. For this cause, I will work incessantly.

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