Koreyaning Chonnam National University oliygohiga 60% grant asosida o’qishga kirgan o’zbekistonlik talabaning hujjatlari!



Hujjat namunalari


2011 marta



Eslatma: hujjatlardan faqat o’rganish maqsadida foydalaning. Namunalarni ko’chirib, o’zingizniki sifatida topshirish plagiat hisoblanadi va arizangizning rad etilishiga sabab bo’ladi. Plagiarizmni aniqlash uchun yuqori aniqlikda ishlaydigan dasturlar juda ko’p. 

Ushbu maqolada Chonnam National University bakalavr kursiga qabul qilingan talabaning inshosi va o’qitivchilari tomonidan yozilgan 2 ta tavsiyanoma bilan tanishasiz.

Insho matni:

«I am applying to Chonnam National University to study business administration and start my career path as an administrator in the business sphere. The importance of each field of study in allowing societies to function efficiently cannot be ignored, however, there will always be “more superior” or “more interesting” subjects in comparison to which other areas might pale. And it is us who decide these special areas. There are those special subjects for everyone and what they prefer and love varies. For me personally, management, administration in particular, has always seemed exciting. We had economics back at school and our teacher used to correlate economics to businesses and how they were managed. It was then when business and management started attracting me and brought me to this point where I am so excited about the idea of me applying to a business school. I understand that choosing a major to apply to a university is one of the most serious decisions in one’s life and that they need to be exact, specific and clear about their further steps once they take the first steps. So I have asked myself exactly what it is that I want from a business administrator degree and how I would go through the process of getting the degree and thoroughly analyzed my honest answers to these questions.

I have already sketched an exact plan on how I will precede if accepted at Chonnam National University and after graduation.

Business administration has been powerfully attracting me since my high school years and I have been reading business administration textbooks and literature for quite a while now. Since I have fairly clear idea about what it is that I am about to study to engage in for the rest of my life, I have decided how I would spend my years at university.

Firstly, I plan to master the theory of Business Administration. I have always been quite good at theoretical parts of practical activities since I have a deep understanding of its importance. Only when one knows exactly how they are supposed to act can they act correctly and properly. I will read textbooks and attend every single lecture and follow-up session to fully understand everything to such extent that I will start feeling the ideas and seeing the big picture. I will make sure every possible step is made to allow me learn theory perfectly.

Secondly, I will back up the theory I will have absorbed by applying it to practice. I will take advantage of internships or volunteer positions at companies during seasonal breaks and keep record of feedback I will have been provided. Making experiments related to new business and management theories during practice is also a good idea I am considering trying in the future, since it is only then we succeed, when we experiment and see for ourselves what works for us and what does not.

Learning and mastering Korean is also what I believe to be one of the most important tasks to be done. I am learning Korean now and it is becoming more fun as I get better at it and I plan to take it to a whole new level once I move to South Korea. I am sure that a Korean environment will accelerate the process and I will be enjoying learning the language I have always loved with native speakers.

Extracurricular activities are going to be a valuable part of my routine during studies. Sports, arts and social clubs will embellish my spare time and will assist my personal development greatly. I will attend psychology seminars, yoga, accounting, public speaking and other useful clubs to develop myself as an efficient administrator or manager.

Until graduation I will have gained all necessary skills needed to try in a workplace and will test them as soon as I graduate. I guess I will take a gap year or two after graduation before applying to a graduate school to be fully ready to develop.

My first aim as a business school graduate is contributing to development of business relations between Uzbekistan and Korea. This may sound like a somewhat already-said classical thought that crosses minds quite often, but I guess best ideas cross most minds waiting for quick act upon them. How I plan to achieve it through business administration is simple: I will work for Korean companies in Uzbekistan and Uzbek companies in Korea, making sure these companies function well in a foreign environment.

Secondly, I will contribute to exchange of technology, specialists and experience between these two countries by engaging in cultural and business activities. I may very well found my own business consulting agency in the long run for intercultural organizations and companies and make contribution to overall development of the sphere in Asia.

The reason why I am choosing a Korean university to get my first degree is that this country has been attracting me for quite a long time already and I have been volunteering at the Korean embassy in Uzbekistan for the same reason. Getting a degree is not something special today for many and study at a university for the first time is an once-in-a-lifetime experience. So I want to make sure these four years dedicated to learning the area that attracts me will be fun, exciting and extraordinary. I will develop not only as a specialist but also as a person in an international environment, absorbed in a wide spectrum of culture in an international and intercultural campus.

There is a strong bond tying me to Uzbekistan as my home country and to Korea as a country I deeply respect and one of the best ideas to contribute to the development of both is through study.»

1-tavsiyanoma matni:

«To Chonnam National University Admission office,

I am writing this letter of recommendation to recommend Mr. ______ (talabaning ismi) to your university. I have known ______for many years now as I taught him English during his secondary school years.

I am a teacher and since I teach English during extracurricular activities, I have to be a little selective in choosing students. I believe there are certain criteria each individual need to meet in order to qualify themselves as eligible and able to function in education sphere. ______ has a number of important qualities that I count as indicators of a potential individual.

First and foremost aspect of each personality is probably their mentality and this is what causes adjectives to be used to describe them. ______ has a strong mentality: he is concrete, reliable, motivated, grounded and persistent. Persistence is probably the most valuable of this all and ______ has been able to impress me with his persistence and perseverence. He used to struggle with pronunciation and usage of certain patterns as almost all non-native English speakers did and do but he was the fastest among his peers to correct his mistakes without my assistance. he does not procrastinate and does not allow himself to do just enough. He does more than enough. Challenges motivate him and I was not surprised when he told me he enjoys them. He is a good pressure handler too. He tends to keep calm in challenging moments. A person who is not intimidated by hardships and is persistent towards their goals make perfect fit every area including study. I believe those with this exact personality excel as students both at university and life itself.


Another area I count as decisive in qualifying individuals is their personal qualities as a human. Humans are humans and should be living example of this. ______ is an empath. He knows it when someone is struggling and always finds a way to lead them to a solution. He is a natural leader. He does not work for others but he works for himself best and motivates others by example. During our debates he would support his team and even those in other teams. Now we are organizing a project on learning English and I have witnessed how well he matured after finishing school. He is actively engaged in volunteering and loves what he does.


Intellectual capacity is another crucial asses for a person willing to learn and wanting an educational institution to accept them in their campus. ______ is smart, intelligent and swift. He is good at finding an easier and a more fun way of doing things to avoid dullness. He learns and studies but how he does it is wonderful. He was one of the few students I encountered that found the right way to self-study: without my instructions he himself realized that he needed to learn every single word he did not know and never ignore new information. He would always carry a small notebook recording all the new words he encountered in books or even in product labels. The idea of doing this is little but what it suggests as an individual is deep. He is fully conscsious of his actions and is ready to take responsibility for his deed.

I am sure that ______ has a potential to be the student many universities are ready to welcome.

Please contact me should you need to.

Best regards,

_______ (o’qituvchining ismi)»


2-tavsiyanomaning matni:

«To whom it may concern,

I am pleased to write this letter of recommendation for Mr. ___________ (talabaning ismi) to support his application to Chonnam National University.

I know ______ from my Economics theory class back from his high school years. He was one of the most outstanding students I had encountered in my career.

______’s intellectual potential has always allowed him to be a bright student and I believe will do the same as he continues his study. He has excellent intellectual capacity which makes him stand out among his peers. During classes, he would finish tasks first and help other students with catching up with the class. I saw him many times organizing some follow-up sessions with his friends to help those struggling with the subject. I witnessed his critical thinking and problem solving skills many times during my lessons as I saw his approach to tasks. He was able to even amaze me many times with his different approach to everything one might face. I like organizing competitions and back then he would participate in many of them and I can recall him win quite many times.

Besides his intellectual abilities, ______ has many noteworthy personal qualities as well. He is a grounded, secure, confident, empathic and outgoing person. I still have connections with him and talk to him every once in a while and I have earthly grounds to believe that he has matured even more reliable and confident. I know him from extracurricular activities too and have seen him outperform his peers in sports, arts and in many other different types of activities. What I personally like about him is his ability to handle and survive pressure and duress. Besides these he is punctual and has a strong sense of responsibility.

______ always told me he loved business and I was glad to hear he was applying to a business school. He is more than enough creative to handle business environment and I am strongly convinced that his way of thinking will allow him to be the one always coming up with innovative ideas.

______’s intellectual and personal skills make him an excellent candidate for a place at a business school and I believe that he will prove himself reliable during his studies and after graduation. I am again more than honored to recommend him to you as an excellent candidate for study at your university.

Please feel free to contact me for further information.


________ (o’qituvchining ismi)»

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