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Hujjat namunalari


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ESLATMA: Hujjatlardan faqatgina namuna sifatida foydalaning. Insho yoki tavsiyanomani oʻzingizniki sifatida biror dasturga topshirish plagiat hisoblanadi va bu arizangizning qabul qilinmasligiga sabab boʻladi.

Computer Science bakalavr kursi uchun yozilgan motivatsiya inshosi:

«Why I have decided to study computer science is the natural drive, attraction and passion I have always had for this field. Since childhood, my friends loved playing toys but I loved examining nit-picks of phones; my friends succeeded in geography while I seemed to be tough in math. We used to watch the same cartoons, but my friends would either notice fashion, music or psychology-related nuances there while I wondered how those cartoons were made. I have always cared more about the digital world. Some call it talent. I call it passion.

I did not know until recently if I was doing alright choosing computer science although my parents were confident that finance was more “right” for me.

When the Coronavirus hit the nation, the whole world around me seemed to collapse into chaotic pieces – in every sense. In all systems – education, health care, banking, especially industries that required physical, collective effort. 

…I had never ever thought computer science was so ubiquitous. I did not know it could even penetrate into music classes. But I realized it did, and it should, when we started online classes. For me CS had been just “coding” before. That was a point when I felt I was up, although uncertain, for the most important area of the century.

I have always been the geek at school. Crammed all math books, cracked all my exams, won regional informatics contests 3 times, opened my own club, talked some of the brightest IT specialists to date. I have numerous certificates, honorable mentions, etc. I have practically achieved most of what was possible to do at school. What I have never done before is studying CS at a university. I am confident that I will perform well as a CS student, because I feel so drawn to it that I have virtually no other hobby besides some sports I happen to do. I have studied hard most prerequisite subjects (math, economics, informatics, logic, English…) that I would need to learn computer science. I do not claim to be smart but I believe in the power of commitment to be great, and I have that commitment for CS.

I am very much interested in Virtual Reality, Game Development and more visual areas of computer science that require deep logic. I want to try computer science subjects at RTU before I decide on exactly what area of CS I will do. Anyway, I want to be like Bill Gates. Education at RTU will assist me greatly in getting started with the basics of real Computer Science, and choose which narrower area of CS I will focus on. I plan to do an internship at Diatom Enterprises on year 2 or 3 of my study. By the time I get into masters, I want to have created my own IT project. I have great hopes on RTU to get me equipped with knowledge, connections and empowerment for that.

I had many options when I wanted to choose a university, but I felt a bit lost at first. I have some acquaintances on LinkedIn (I have used it for a year now because I was curious if I could find Bill Gates in person on LinkedIn. I could not talk to him in person but I found many bright people there regardless), who have graduated from Riga Technical University. They told me it was more about me than about the school, but more about the environment than about personality when it comes to success. I have researched the RTU website for a couple of weeks now, and feel like I have developed some attachment to it. Afterall, the people I really wish to be like have studied there, and promised me I would do right if I tried this school. Studying in Europe had been my overall goal all my life, so I had to choose the country and the college only. So I did.»

Yuqoridagi insho Latviyadagi Riga Technical University (RTU) oliygohining Computer Science yo’nalishiga bakalavr kursiga qabul qilingan talaba tomomidan yozilgan. RTU QS Jahon Universitetlari reytingida 701-750-o’rinda turadi va universitet diplomi O’zbekistonda imtihonsiz nostrifikatsiya qilinadi.

Universitetda turli yo’nalishlar bo’yicha bakalavr, magistratura va PhD kurslari o’qitiladi. Ingliz tilida o’qitiladigan kurslar ham mavjud.  Universitetda bakalavr kurslari 3 yil o’qitiladi. Bir yillik kontrakt to’lovi kurs yo’nalishiga qarab farq qiladi: qaysi fakultet va yo’nalishda o’qishingizga qarab, yiliga 2100 yevrodan 4400 yevrogacha kontrakt to’lashingiz kerak.

Qabul talablari ham tanlangan yo’nalishga qabul bir-biridan farq qiladi. Ular bilan bu yerda tanishing.

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