Young Professional Internships Program dasturining suhbat bosqichiga o’tgan talabaning inshosi



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Quyida Toshkentda talabalar uchun haq to’lanadigan amaliyot dasturi – Young Professional Internships Program dasturiga hujjat topshirib, suhbat bosqichiga o’tgan nomzodning inshosi bilan tanishasiz.

Eslatma: inshodan o’rganish maqsadida foydalaning. Inshoni ko’chirib, o’ziniki sifatida topshirish plagiarizm hisoblanadi va arizaning rad etilishiga olib keladi.

Insho matni:

«With my goal being creating or working for a Fortune 500 company in Uzbekistan one day, I have worked on developing myself as a teenager by getting into the Tashkent Institute of Finance, which is one of the finest business schools in Uzbekistan. I was accepted among top 10% students there and earned a 35% scholarship right as a freshman. The Uzbekistan Youth Union was the donor paying for 35% of my tuition fees as an expression of acknowledgement for my community service activities, active participation in activism events as well as demonstrate leadership. For example, as a 3-year student here, I can say I have been one of the top students here, performing excellently in all subjects, playing in the University Zakovat team, participating in the QVZ show, Balli Qizlar show as well as engaging in local fundraising activities. I am particularly interested to female empowerment in business, so I have created a girls’ business talks club, which is a weekly gathering at our university among ladies interested in launching their startups, wishing to discuss their business ideas as well as currently working on a business project. We have read numerous books together, analyzed cases and made solutions together, laying the foundation of our business careers.

As I regularly read business insider articles, watch podcasts and read business books, study management, marketing and finance, I feel I am very well equipped in the mind with ideas and theoretical knowledge right now. I now would like to extend that intangible asset into a tangible reality by engaging in real business activities by participating in the Young Professional Internships Program. I intend to learn how the practices I have read about or covered in lectures are carried out in real business situations, how the things we are told to avoid affect real businesses and how real revenues are generated. As business is a very practical domain, O honestly think the business school’s real use is in the fact that through studying business at a university one can gain access to internship programs, networking and later a job qualification. Without a real internship practice, it is probably very unlikely to really understand real business situations, financial activities and more, just by contemplating about them reading textbooks or just orally analyzing them.

I am applying to this program in hopes to introduce myself to real business practice. Whether I participate in the internship as a finance intern, analysis intern or other, I feel I am thrilled to take the opportunity, turn challenges into masterful skills and gain a rich network of other like-minded people. Maybe this will be my first actual step into rhe workplace or an experience teaching me harsh lessons, I will appreciate the opportunity to grow. I will offer my rich knowledge, English, Uzbek, Russian skills, stellar communication skills, research skills, as well as managerial skills to my host company, becoming an asset to their operations! I hope to be able to grow further into internships at international companies abroad.»

Shu va shu kabi hujjat namunalari bilan Telegram ijtimoiy tarmog’idagi @grantlar_namuna kanalida tanishishingiz mumkin.

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