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Oydinoy Khusanova – joriy yilda 2021-2022 Global UGRAD dasturini qoʻlga kiritgan talabalardan biri.

Oydinoy 2001-yil 9-noyabr kuni Andijon viloyati Qoʻrgʻontepa tumanida tugʻilgan. 2019-yil Qoʻrgʻontepa tumanidagi 19-sonli Davlat ixtisoslashtirilgan maktab internatini bitirgan. Hozirgi kunda (2021-yil may) O’zbekiston Davlat Jahon tillari universitetida «Maktabgacha va boshlangʻich taʼlimda xorijiy til» yoʻnalishining 2 bosqich talabasi.

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OGOHLANTIRISH: Hujjatlardan faqat o’rganish maqsadida foydalaning. Boshqa shaxsning inshosini koʻchirib, oʻziniki sifatida topshirilgan holatlar (plagiat) maxsus dasturlar orqali aniqlanadi va arizaning rad etilishiga olib keladi.


1-insho savoli: The Global UGRAD Program is for young leaders committed to serving their home communities. Why would you be a great participant in the Global UGRAD Program?

Essay 1:

I still remember the fights my mom had with my father to ensure quality education for her daughters. She was the one who sparked interest in my heart to be strong and fight against the obstacles in life. Living in a small district where girls’ rights and their passion to study is not taken into consideration, it has been very difficult for me to go after my dreams and go to Tashkent to obtain my bachelor’s degree. The famous school of talented children in Karasuv opened the bright way of knowledge and helped me flourish. I was the best student, best sports girl, performer, and moderator of activities at my school. After years seeing my great enthusiasm and interest to study, my father understood how wrong he was and decided to change his worldview. He started supporting me and wanting a better education for me, which is why he encouraged me to apply for the Global UGRAD Program. In this essay, i would like to outline the 2 qualities that make me a great candidate for your program.

First of all, I am a diligent young woman who is not afraid to face obstacles in life. When the pandemic arrived in Uzbekistan, our university’s offline classes were cancelled and we had to switch to an online mode. The quarantine rules in Uzbekistan became stricter and I had to go back home. In a place where my internet speed was 2.6-3.4 Mbps, I did all I could to finish my tasks on time. One day I would be sitting on top of the roof to catch connection and the other day going to bed in the morning after using uninterrupted internet at night. By showing this experience, I would like to highlight how hard-working I am and how strong I can resist against the difficulties I face. I love making mistakes because they help me grow and become better.

Secondly, I am a great leader and a great communicator. I quickly gain the trust of others and am able to build strong relationships with my global networks. I love helping people and being the driver of change. I enjoy from creating new ideas and organizing various projects for the development of our society. Working with a team, making new friends and inspiring people gives me real power. I spent most of my time volunteering and organizing special social events to empower people. During the pandemic, I and my friend founded a non-governmental organization and as the initial project, we organized the first ever online public speaking contest in Uzbek. Using my communication skills, I was able to arrange the best trainers for our program. Their lessons served very useful for our events and our participants were satisfied. With a small organizing team of 4 people, we were able to gather more than 1000 applications in 5 days.

The Global UGRAD program will provide me an opportunity to grow academically and personally. Going to America can only be a dream come true for a girl like me, and the only hope i have at the moment is your program. I want to be fully exposed to a U.S. Culture and learn about the lives of undergraduate students there. I want to share my Uzbek traditions there and become a real cultural ambassador between our countries. The program will grant me quality professional development, which would not be possible for me to attain here in Uzbekistan. The U.S. Studies course will not only increase my knowledge and understanding of the USA, but also help me create better value promotional events upon my return.


2-insho savoli: According to Martin Luther King Jr., “The ultimate measure of a person is not where they stand in moments of comfort, but where they stand at times of challenge and controversy.” Describe a time when you encountered a conflict and how you handled it. What strategies did you use to reach a resolution? What values guided your thoughts and actions?

Essay 2:

We people are weird creatures. It is interesting how we want to avoid conflict in real life, yet crave for it in the books we read. An Islamic hadith says: “A person who goes through challenging times with patience and through glorious times with thankfulness will reach everlasting happiness.” I would like to tell you a real story of how I always thought that I am the best and that everybody else should listen and do what I say, and how life proved it wrong.

Last year, our faculty of the optional subject ‘Marketing’ gave us a project to accomplish and as part of the project, we had to organize a field trip to Samsung markets in Andijan. We had to learn about their Marketing mix, dig deeper into the goals and missions of the company to find out their competitive advantages. In a couple of days, we successfully finished the project, but then I suggested that asking random people in the streets about their opinions of Samsung products would make our video more interesting. Although nobody in the team was interested, I insisted that we shall do it. After convincing my team members that this is a good idea, I was more than excited to meet new faces. Almost all the people we approached were very nice, but when we entered the local hot dog shop, we encountered a real conflict.

I still remember what happened and think about how uneducated I was about privacy. I thought that nobody minded answering a couple of questions on camera, but I was wrong. Right as I walked in, the men selling hot dogs were not happy to see me. Although I politely asked them to answer my questions, they were very rude and said bad words to me. My group mates got angry at how the guys at the hot dog shop were treating a girl. At one point, I saw two big men coming out of a small room and approaching my friends to start fighting with them. What started off as a small miscommunication led to a big physical quarrel. All I wanted to do is run away from the situation, and all I had in my heart was hate towards the hot dog sellers. Policemen walking around saw what was happening and ordered us to solve the issue peacefully.

At the police station, they listened to us and explained that both sides were faulty. We found out that we were supposed to ask permission to record them, and they found out that they did not have the right to say bad words to us that fast without clarifying the situation. At the end, we all apologized to each other, had a peaceful agreement and promised not to repeat our mistakes. I think that this is one of the most unforgettable memories I will have from college life. Not because boys were fighting, but because it served as a big lesson to me. I learned that we should learn not to run from conflicts, but solve them. I learned that trying to be an active listener and hearing what the other side has to tell can be helpful in understanding any situation better and that at times of challenge, it is very important to keep the inner peace and work hard towards the best outcomes.

All in all, I would like to state that I am always open to encountering difficulties. There can only be a change when a mistake is made. Conflicts, difficulties and obstacles only make us stronger and help us understand and work on our shortcomings.

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