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Marvarid Oʻktamjonova (Marvarid Uktamjonava) – 2020-yili JACAFA The Nippon Foundation Scholarship Program stipendiyasini qoʻlga kiritgan. Hozirda (2021-yil, mart) Toshkent shahridagi Oʻzbekiston davlat jahon tillari universitetida bakalavriat bosqichida tahsil olmoqda. Quyida Marvarid JACAFA Scholarship Program dasturiga topshirgan hujjatlarni eʼtiboringizga havola etamiz.

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Insho (Essay)

Insho savoli: How could Uzbekistan society be influenced and inspired by Japanese culture, work ethics and economy?

Every country should learn something from other ones and develop accepting them as a role model in some cases. So does our country. And in this situation Japan can be a great type of example in developing after a long period of harsh conditions that we can absorb new things in terms of culture, work ethics and, certainly, economics. As the relations between Uzbekistan and Japan grow when the embassy of Japan in Uzbekistan was established from the early years of our independence (1992), the probability of being influenced by the developed sides of Japan has highly increased. Yet I cannot continue my essay without mentioning the friendly companionship between two of the countries that dates back to the years when they set up commercial relations through the Great Silk road.

Firstly, I highly appreciate the work ethics that Japanese people own. At work sometimes (actually most times) I encounter such situations when workers lack in responsibility and punctuality. They do not accomplish the tasks in the time that they are supposed to do or they do not want to spend all their energy on getting the task done. This is the very thing people of most nations must learn from Japanese people. As far as I know the Japanese stand out among all nations with their togetherness, punctuality and honesty when it comes to working or anything else. We should also learn from them how to collaborate in teamwork appropriately and support every member of the group. Moreover, the conditions created for workers in Japan such as commuting allowances, job security can influence on any countries’ working condition including Uzbekistan’s in a positive way. For example, between 1993-2004 approximately 300 workers of Japan worked in our country and helped develop several fields ranging from silk industry to tourism.

Secondly, their culture should influence on not only our country but also all the countries in the world as it can be considered one of the most unique and politest ones. I like the way it integrates both tradition and modernity at the same time. I feel that some people in most Asian countries either depends too much on old traditions of theirs or chase after modern ones. But knowing the limit and keeping the balance is tough. While living in a modern atmosphere with cutting-edge technologies, the Japanese can value their traditions such as respecting all people around not focusing on appearance, communicating with each other politely no matter in what difficult situation they are.  I think about learning those parts of their culture especially in the times when I have to stand in long queues and witness people neither complying with the rules of discipline nor respecting each other because of hurrying.

Thirdly, in terms of Japanese economy I liked the way how keiretsu system has been working since World War II in Japan. This also can be a bright example of Japanese people working in unity effectively, how they approach their work with responsibility in working as a group. The development process of economy accelerates provided that companies work with togetherness, support and help each other in accomplishing the aim they set for themselves. Since the zaibatsu system was replaced by keiretsu, the Japanese economy has begun working based on the needs of nation, not on the interests of several individuals. I think protecting infant industries, providing them with economic incentives like Japan did post World War II period can be implemented in Uzbekistan or any other country.

In conclusion, I cannot finish my essay without mentioning the investments have been contributed by Japan to our country.  The total amount of the investment for the accomplishment of projects in the industry of gas and oil, health, education, agriculture accounts for more than $3.4 billion. Moreover, Japan is considered to be a significant commercial partner of Uzbekistan. In 2014 reciprocal trade of the countries was $190 million which can be a lot higher in the upcoming years. In terms of friendship, the “Uzbekistan-Japan” friendship organization was established in 1999 making these two countries able to exchange intercultural communications. However, there are a lot of things that I have not added to my essay that Uzbekistan and Japan can exchange with each other in terms of culture, work ethics and economy. Such scholarships like JACAFA give us –  young dedicated students a chance to discover and learn Japan culture in depth and subsequently gained new knowledge can be implemented on various spheres in Uzbekistan.

Insho tugadi


1-tavsiyanoma (Oʻzbekiston davlat jahon tillari universitetidagi oʻqituvchisi tomonidan berilgan)

Dear Admission Committee,

It is my immense pleasure to support the candidacy of Marvarid Uktamjonova. I came to know her when she was a student of mine who has been enrolled in the courses of foreign language and literature, at Uzbekistan State World Languages University.

Overall, Marvarid distinguished herself by having exceptional devotion to learning with good analytical skills and a strong interest in the subject. Her answers and coursework papers demonstrated her ability to come to a detailed understanding of the subjects and high intelligence. I utterly appreciate Ms. Marvarid’s punctuality and responsibility with eagerness to learn more which makes her a team leader who strategically plans the steps to solve the problem.

Marvarid has excellent communication skills which were evident from her active participation from her group discussions. This candidate is highly proficient in applying what we learned in class in practice. Marvarid demonstrated unique and smart vision to problems presented to her by providing concise explanations with strong supporting arguments which were both persuasive and clear. At a personal level, she is well disciplined with pleasant personality  and I always amazed by her perseverance and initiative which makes her eager to learn more and develop herself.

Ms. Uktamjonova is unquestionably an excellent candidate for the exchange program for undergraduates as I witnessed her performance while having her in my class. I would therefore highly recommend Marvarid Uktamjonova as an undergraduate student knowing she would be an extremely positive asset to your program and achieve great success both academically and professionally.

Shall you require my further assistance or provide any further information, please do not hesitate to contact me.


(Oʻqituvchi ism-familiyasi)
Lecturer, Language Learning
Email: (Oʻqituvchi emaili)

Uzbekistan State World Languages University

1-tavsiyanoma tugadi


2-tavsiyanoma (Oʻzbekiston davlat jahon tillari universitetidagi oʻqituvchisi tomonidan berilgan)

Dear Sir/Madam,

It brings me an immense pleasure to recommend Marvarid Uktamjonova. Marvarid has been a student of mine undertaking Writing course at Uzbekistan State World Languages University in Tashkent, Uzbekistan.

It was a true delight to have this student in my class, as apart from exceptional intellectual abilities, she was able to bring a positive dynamic into the group. Marvarid has been consistently demonstrating excellent academic results and a strong interest in subjects. I highly appreciate this candidate’s unique capacity in effective time management and a sincere eagerness for learning and self-development. She is an excellent team player and public speaker, which was evident during her active involvement in group projects and debates. Marvarid’s impressive analytical skills enable her to view certain issues from multiple perspectives and to carefully plan the most suitable responses. Marvarid has always shown herself as intellectually curious and never shied away from asking challenging questions during classes. She continuously went extra mile in her studies, which was exemplified in her exam revision process she produced an entire revision guide for the whole group.

The candidate is keen on continuing her academic career in the field of pedagogy. It is worthy to comment on Marvarid’s interpersonal skills that I came to value while having her as my student. She is a natural leader, primarily due to her talent in listening to people and capacity to show empathy. Marvarid is honest, conscientious and a kind individual who is always surrounded by likeminded people. At the same time, she easily navigates in uncertain environments and establishes communication with diverse groups of people internationally. The ambition and determination of Marvarid are commendable and I am certain that they will necessarily translate into tremendous success both academically and professionally. I have no doubts that this candidate will become an asset to any organisation and will be able to make an positive impact in any field.

Shall you require any further information do not hesitate to contact me at (email).

With kind regards,

(Oʻqituvchining ism-familiyasi)

2-tavsiyanoma tugadi

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